Burns Night Traditions


The centerpiece of any Burns Night menu is the traditional haggis, or as Rabbie Burns himself called it, the

great chieftain o’ the puddin’-race.’


Whisky is the traditional beverage for Burns Night, with single malts or blends as the reveler prefers. Whether you prefer your dram neat or with a splash of water to ‘loosen the bloom’, raise your glass to Rabbie with a hearty


Music and Poetry

In addition to ‘piping in the haggis’, Burns Night is filled with piping, highland dancing, and poetry. Traditional recitals include the “Selkirk Grace’ and the ‘Address to a Haggis’ – along with a toast to the great poet, known as the ‘Immortal Memory’.

What to Wear

Burns Night can be as formal as you’d like, but it’s definitely more fun if you wear a wee bit of tartan! You don’t have to dress like the Earl, of course, but feel free to sport a tartan cap, tie, full kilt, or ladies’ sash – it’s totally up to you!